Software and hardware products with machine intelligence to optimize and manage your manufacturig and research processes
Why do our clients need us?
Machine learning allows saving resources, enhancing research and development and decrease manufacturing risks.
Synthesis conditions and results forecasts.
Decrease in the number of syntheses required.
Automation of the results analysis.

Decrease in time and reagents consumption by 10-80%.
Optimization of technological processes through automatised learning.
Access to production data from any device.

Reduction of spending on raw products and energy by 5-40%.
Control of the cattle condition in real time.
Optimization of feeding schedule.

Increase of production by 10-20%.
Targeting of special offers for clients.
Automatic research and separation of more efficient companies.

Increase of client turnover by 1-15%.
What do we do?
Depending on your request, we can set up automatic learning algorithms for existing systems or create the systems from scratch.
Wireless measure devices
If the existing systems are not sufficient, we create and set up new ones.
Cross-platform monitoring systems
We make it possible to update technological indicators and to stock resources from any fixed or mobile device. Our software enables us to visualize real time activity.
Management systems with automatic learning
The artificial intelligence used in our management systems shows us which production indicators we can improve, and which changes we can introduce to obtain new characteristics for the product.
How do we work?
Service Request
(1 month)
Depending on the precision of your service request, we evaluate the different options, based on the possibility and the efficiency of implementing our systems in the customer's business, to find a solution.

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Technical solution
(1-2 months)
If we can implement our systems and the customers confirms his interest, we will move on to the creation of the technical solution based on the customer's request, or on his first draft, and always in concertation with the customer.
Design and implementation
(1-8 months)
The project is executed in a multi-stage way with each stage comprising design, tests, implementation and feedback. The project includes 1-4 visits of a client's site by IOSYA engineers. In case current automation systems a client has are not suitable for the project, we either improve them or provide measurement systems of our own design.
After setting up the system and ensuring that it works efficiently, IOSYA continues to provide technical assistance in the use of the system.
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Russia, Saint-Petersburg
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Project manager
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We develop our technology in collaboration with unversities and entreprises from Russia and France.
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